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Corporate, Small Business Crisis & Risk Management, no matter what you need


We understand the importance of protecting our client's brand and reputation by identifying and addressing potential risks to their ability to thrive.
By working with clients to understand the environment in which they operate, B&C is able to assist clients in creating solutions that either reduce or limit the consequences of a crisis through:


  • Contingency planning
  • Risk assessments
  • Vulnerability studies
  • Diversity & Inclusion


We assist clients with developing strategies and polices that are relevant to their social, economic and environmental impact. 
CSR Strategies are communicated effectively through strategic public relations and marketing efforts and demonstrate the client's role as a responsible corporate citizen.
B&C assist clients with:


  • Creating sustainable practices and policies
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Green marketing
  • Corporate counsel and coaching


We work with small businesses to assist them with all aspects of managing, growing and expanding. B&C serves as an outsourced management consulting firm. Services to small business include:


  • Business planning and modeling
  • Marketing and public relations support
  • Human resources management
  • Emerging market expansion
  • Sustainable practices implementation


We employ various community assessment and analysis tools that capture the trends, perceptions and impressions that members of the community have toward our clients. Our in-depth research and analysis allow organizations to accomplish the following:


  • Gain an understanding of current business status and community perceptions.

  • Reduce vulnerabilities and leverage strengths to build credibility among community-based stakeholders.

  • Provide the framework and informational assets to respond to workplace/marketplace issues before they become crises

  • Focus and prioritize change interventions and community education programs


Founder, Robert J. Brown, served as a member of President Nixon's White House staff ahd has provided counsel to every U.S. President since. Mr. Brown's ongoing connections in Washington and throughout the country extends to all levels of government.

We have the capability to assist clients in:


  • Legislative report language
  • Government Relations
  • Regulatory interpretations and rulings
  • Assessments of military opportunities


B&C Associates is a collaborative team of consultants and advisors. Each team member has a wide range of skills and an expectation of excellence. Our leadership team understands the importance of personal growth and the dynamic needed to insure success. With that understanding, we have assembled a team of individuals who are trans-formative global thinkers and strategists.  By combining unparalleled access and unique insight powered by new innovative methodologies, B&C leadership endeavors create bright futures for our clients.


Our Point of Difference (POD) is that our network are activated at Board and CEO level and we can therefore connect and achieve optimal results for our clients much quicker. Further,  we have a wide cross section of experience across sectors accumulated in over 50 years of service.


We have a footprint in Africa, an increasingly important but complex market and investment destination.


We assist US and foreign companies to connect with investors within a changing global environment. While competition for Foreign Direct Investment has never been greater, our extensive network has built over 50 years of experience assisting with governent, CEO's and Board level members.


We cultivate relationships and business interactions with key executives and leadership in the corporate, civic, government affairs and political arenas across the United States and Internationally. In many cases, B&C is in a position to leverage these relationships to create solutions and foster strategic alliances for our clients.



We provide marketing and public relations services that strategically link to the overall mission and goals of the clients we serve. B&C provides image enhancing services.


We create success assisting emerging markets and developing countries with establishing political, economic, and social ties to facilitate business and political interests. Through our research and seasoned relationships, we offer recommendations and guidance in the following areas:


  • Business planning and modeling
  • Risk management


We develop valuable tools to assist our clients with creating a climate of diversity and inclusion that focuses on talent acquisition and retention; supplier development and community and customer relations that prove beneficial in a global marketplace. B&C offers the following services relative to diversity and inclusion:


  • Process planning and education
  • Marketing assessment
  • Supplier diversity development
  • Emerging market development


We develop sound research methods enabling us to create solutions that hit target markets and launch successful projects. B&C designs, customizes, conducts and analyzes surveys and test-market projects that provides invaluable information to our clients.

B&C's research capabilities include the following:


  • Community assessments
  • Internal workforce assessments
  • Market research

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